Saturday, October 22, 2011

Light Painting

Check out the amazing photos our teens and photographer Rachel Darley created at last Thursday's Light Painting Program for Teen Read Week.
Rachel Darley Photography

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teen Read Week

The Clifton Public Library will celebrate Teen Read Week™ (October 16-22, 2011) with a special photography event! Teens ages 11-17 are invited to join us at the Main Memorial Library, Thursday October 20 at 7 P.M., for a light painting workshop with local photographer Rachel Darley.
Light painting is a photographic technique that uses a light source such as a flashlight to write in the air, draw a design or create an epic wizarding battle which then can be captured by the photographer by slowing the shutter speed of the camera. You can see an example of light painting by visiting Mrs. Darley’s photography blog:
Registration is not required. Please bring a flashlight.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teen Book Review

Name: Gissel Age: 12
Book Title: Where The Red Fern Grows
Author: Wilson Rawls
Review: This book is about a boy who wants to train his dogs to be the best hunting team in Cherokee country.
I would recommend it to a friend because she likes adventure and suspense and I think she would love Where The Red Fern Grows.
X 4 Stars- I Loved It!
_  3 Stars- It Was Good
_  2 Stars- It Was Okay
_  1 Star- Meh, I've Read Better
_ 0 Stars- Horrible!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teen Book Review

Name: Daidan Age: 11
Book Title: The Recruit
Author: Robert Muchemore
Review: "The Recruit by Robert Muchemore was an awesome book. It had adventure, comedy, romance, and a new kind of genre. This book made me want to read more. It was probably like the best book I ever read."
Librarian note: The Recruit is the first title in the CHERUB Series [YA FIC MUC]
X 4 Stars-I Loved It!
_ 3 Stars- It Was Good
_ 2 Stars- It Was Okay
_ 1 Star - Meh, I've Read Better
_ 0 Stars- Horrible!